Slide to dismiss notifications on the MAC

the devGeneral

It never fails. I will move to do something in the upper right hand part of my screen just as a notification comes in. Without a close button there’s really no way to dismiss the damn things. I searched around and read that you can 2-finger swipe them from left to right. Awesome! I sent myself an email from my … Read More

Stop Spam Posts on WordPress

the devWordPress

One of the sites that I monitor started to show spam posts under one of the admin accounts. I changed the password, logged out any other instances of users, and replaced the salt strings in the wp-config.php file. A day later they were back. The site showed 13 spam posts under the same admin account. The site has been locked … Read More

Creating users with Gravity Forms

the devCoding Shit

One of the projects I am currently working on requires the typical user create/edit forms. Since I am using on the back-end and part of the front-end is being developed with WordPress, I was hoping to tie things together as easy as possible. I want to use Gravity Forms for my collection of user data, and at the same time pass that information … Read More

Exporting your Mysql database from the command-line at


I killed my php on my account this weekend. I wanted to upgrade my php version to /at least/ 5.4 so that I could use the new php-sdk on the server. My account was a DV 4.0, and there really aren’t any easy options for updating php. I contacted support and all they would do was refer me … Read More

A quick and easy way to fetch files

CritterProgramming Tools

If you aren’t already using Sublime Text 2, you should be. It is a brilliant text editor that does way more then just editing text. Go Look. Whenever I start a project, I like to have all my files local, so that I can work from anywhere and sometimes with out connectivity. The Nettuts+ Fetch plugin for Sublime Text allows … Read More

Hate the theme, but it’ll do.


So yeah. I’m slowly making my way back to the land of the living. My old domain was snatched up by some domain purchasing company, and can be mine again for the low, low price of just slightly under $300. *cough* KMA *cough* No thanks. will suit me just fine. So yeah. I’m not a big fan of … Read More