Taking screenshots on the MAC

TL;DR: I learned something today. Go Me!

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Tweetbot for Mac — Tapbots Blog

Tweetbot for Mac — Tapbots Blog.

A quick and easy way to fetch files

If you aren't already using Sublime Text 2, you should be. It is a brilliant text editor that does way more then just editing text. Go Look.

Whenever I start a project, I like to have all my files local, so that I can work from anywhere and sometimes with out connectivity. The Nettuts+ Fetch plugin for Sublime Text allows me to fetch the latest version of remote files like jquery and html5boilerplate with just a few keystrokes.

It's dead easy. It's free. It's easily configured.


Adding Core Data to TabbedBar Application Template in Xcode 4x

TL;DR: A quick 'trick' so that your Tabbed Bar Applications can use Core Data 'straight out of the box'

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A day or two late…

TL;DR: Railo 4 Beta is out. I'm rusty and cheap

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Hate the theme, but it’ll do.

So yeah. I'm slowly making my way back to the land of the living. My old domain critterscode.com was snatched up by some domain purchasing company, and can be mine again for the low, low price of just slightly under $300. *cough* KMA *cough* No thanks. critscode.com will suit me just fine.

So yeah. I'm not a big fan of the theme, but it's one that I purchased in a bundle ages ago, and for now it will do. Besides who cares what it looks like right? It's the glorious content everybody stops by for.  -- meh. Don't hold out for glorious. Maybe slightly fabulous, or.. shit. that happens to me too, but never glorious.